Luke Buxton Graphic Design


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My dad was a sign manufacturer for almost thirty years so growing up there would often be a drawings of company logos on the kitchen table and rolls of vinyl lettering (it was the 90’s) or a piece of moulded signage in the hallway. At about 10 years old I developed an interest in football but was more interested in redesigning club badges or trying to replicate a fairly accurate shirt sponsor on a new kit design. As the teenage years came and went I played bass in a couple of punk bands, but spent more time designing the gig posters than I did practicing songs. Then I went to university, got a degree, got a design job, got a few more design jobs, decided I’d rather work for myself…and here we are.

I’m a freelance graphic designer specialising in logo design, lettering and typography. I work with clients all over the world who understand the value of good design.

Logo Design.
Logo design is one aspect of a brands visual identity, its the graphic symbol that your company will be associated with. A good logo design should stand the test of time and not need to be redesigned every few years except for some minor cosmetic changes now and then. If you have an existing logo I always try to explore a refresh first rather than a complete redesign.

Lettering. Custom or hand-drawn lettering can give a unique flavour to any project, whether it be a logotype, packaging, a book cover, a t-shirt graphic or promotional material. The end product will often be digitally rendered but every lettering project spends a good portion of its life on paper before finally being finished off on the computer.

Typography. For me, letting and typography are two sides of the same coin. Lettering is drawing a specific word or phrase to create a one-off composition. Typography is the design of individual letters that can interact with each other in any number of ways, with the end product being a typeface or font.